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  • Adult Co-Rec Indoor Volleyball Leagues

    Sundays nights at the Lakeview Recreation Center beginning again September 6, 2015

    • September – October
    • November – December
    • January – March

    Game times are between 4-8pm

    2015 Adult Co-Rec Lakeview Volleyball Entry and Roster

    Adult Co-Rec 6's Sand Volleyball League

    Adult Co-Rec Sand Volleyball Short-Season

    Want to play Sand Volleyball a second night each week? Try this new league that offers a shorter, 6 game season from 7/12-8/16. Games will be played Sunday evenings.

    Season starts: 7/12

    Location: Bradley Park

    Team Fee-R/NR: $150/$165 (no players fees)

    Co-Rec Drop-In Softball for Seniors

    Men and women 50+ can drop in on Tuesdays & Fridays at 8:30 am at the Peoria Stadium. The season runs mid-May through October. The league uses modified rules to encourage participation. A nominal fee is charged. For details call David Dowell: 673-1119.


    For questions about Softball, please contact Nick McDuffee: 681-2867 or nmcduffee@peoriaparks.org

    Adult Co-Rec Outdoor Soccer

    2015 Adult CoRec Spring Soccer Schedule REVISED 6.8.15


    Fall Adult Co-Rec Soccer League
    Sundays beginning 8/9 • Deadline: 7/31
    Location: Franciscan Recreation Complex
    Player fee: $35/R, $40/NR

    The 2015 Fall Adult Co-Rec Soccer League will consist of the following leagues: The A division will be for those more advanced or highly qualified players, the B division for those with a mixture of advanced and recreation players and the C division will be for those teams having predominantly recreational players. All leagues will play on Sunday afternoons at Franciscan Recreation Complex during this 8 game season.

    2015 Adult Fall Outdoor Soccer Packet

    Adult Men's Outdoor Soccer



    The 2015 Fall Adult Men’s Soccer League will take place on Wednesday evenings at the Mossville Soccer Complex. This league will feature 7v7 style play.

    Start date: August 12
    Registration deadline: July 31
    Team Fee: $350 for 8 games

    2015 Adult Fall Soccer Mens Entry and Roster