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  • Youth Basketball Skills Camp

    Boys and girls will learn the basics and improve their skills in this instructional program. Players will learn dribbling, passing, shooting, rebounding, and defense, all while maintaining an emphasis on sportsmanship, teamwork, and fun. Skills will be taught through drills, contests, and games. Third and fourth graders will play on a 10’ hoop. The younger age groups will play with a shorter hoop and smaller ball.
    Location: Lakeview Recreation Center
    Fee-R/NR: $30/$35 Min/Max: 5-24 Age: 5 years-4th Grade

    Register here.

    Code           Day-Date                    Time

    5 years – kindergarten

    67878           M, W: 10/5-10/28     5:00-5:45 pm

    Grade 1-2

    67879          M, W: 10/5-10/28      5:45-6:45 pm

    Grade 3-4

    67880          M, W: 10/5-10/28      6:45-7:45 pm

    Youth Basketball Leagues

    Youth of all ability levels, from the first time hoopster to the backyard superstar, will learn the skills necessary to enjoy the sport of basketball for life. Under the instruction of volunteer coaches, participants will develop techniques, knowledge and strategy with emphasis on fun, sportsmanship and fair play.

    • 5 Years-Kindergarten: The 5-year old/kindergarten league will involve 30 minutes of practice time. Children will then be divided into teams and play a game for the final 30 minutes.
    • Grades 1-4: Practices will be held for one hour (at 5:30 or 6:30 pm) beginning the second week. Practices will be held on Mondays and Thursdays.
    • Grades 1-4: Games will be played on Saturday mornings at 9, 10 or 11 am at the RiverPlex.
    • Parent-Athlete-Coach (PAC) Meetings are mandatory and take place at the RiverPlex.

    Fall Leagues at RiverPlex

    Min/Max: 10-60 Dates: 11/2-12/19 Registration Deadline: 10/16

    Register here.

    Code       Grade                   Practice Days                          PAC Meeting                       Fee-R/NR

    67881    5 years – K                   M, Th                               Th: 11/5, 5:30 pm                   $50/$55

    67886    1st-2nd                        M, Th, Sa                         Th: 11/5, 5:30 pm                   $60/$65

    67889    3rd – 4th                       M, Th, Sa                         M: 11/2, 6:15 pm                    $60/$65


    Winter Leagues at Lakeview Rec Center

    Sign up early for our winter Youth Basketball Leagues! Dates: 1/20-3/12

    Register here.

    Code   Grade       Practice Days     PAC Meeting                           Fee-R/NR

    67883 5 years – K        M, W         W: 1/20, 5:30 pm                         $60/$65

    67887 1st-2nd            M, Sa         W: 1/20, 5:30 pm                         $60/$65

    67888 1st-2nd            W, Sa         W: 1/20, 5:30 pm                         $60/$65

    67890 3rd-4th            M, Sa         W: 1/20, 6:15 pm                         $60/$65

    67891 3rd-4th            W, Sa         W: 1/20, 6:15 pm                         $60/$65

    Basketball Classes

    Basketball for Youth 

    Register here.

    Learn and practice the basic skills of basketball and play a game each class. Taught by an experienced youth basketball instructor, lessons emphasize individual skill development in dribbling, passing and cutting and confidence and teamwork in game play. Suitable for beginning and intermediate players. During games, players are matched by height and ability. Bring your own basketball for skill instruction and shooting practice. A limited number of basketballs will be available at class. * No class 11/11, 11/25

    Location: Kellar School

    Age: 8-12 Fee-R/NR: $39/$34

    Code                   Day-Date                           Time

    66885                   W:10/21-12/2*                   6:20-8:00 pm


    Basketball at Proctor

    Boys Middle School Basketball League

    Grades 5-6 and 7-8 boys. School or travel teams are welcome to play during this off season league. Fee: $12 per player.

    Session runs October 20 to December 8 • Monday 5-8 pm at Proctor Center, 309 S. DuSable.
    Register online, at Noble Center or Proctor Center for this basketball league.


     Men’s Adult Basketball Leagues at Proctor Recreation Center

    Competitive men’s 18 and over basketball league. Some of the region’s best players, along with those from surrounding areas, make these some of the best leagues around. Get the best ten players on your team and join our league! Trophies awarded to the winners. Games played on Wednesday evenings.

    Age: 18+   Fee: – $200/team

    Session runs December 10 through March 11 • 6-10 pm at Proctor Center, 309 S. DuSable.
    Register online, at Noble Center or Proctor Center for this basketball league.