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  • For questions about our craft and skill programs, contact:
    Billie McKenzie, Coordinator of Leisure Services
    (309) 681-2854 • bmckenzie@peoriaparks.org

    Craft and Baking Cake Decorating












     See details and register online for the classes below.

    Knitting for All Levels

    Code           Day-Date                 Time

    At Noble Center:                  

    67393          Sa: 10/31-12/5          11 am-12:30 pm

    At Franciscan Rec Center: 

    67391          W: 9/16-10/21            4-5:30 PM

    Students will learn basic knitting stitches, how to read a pattern and finish a project.  You will receive a supply list for this course upon registration.

    Age: 9+

    Fee-R/NR: $41/$47

    Hooked on Crochet – Beginner

    Code        Day-Date              Time

    At Franciscan Recreation Complex:

    67401      Th: 9/17-10/22     4-5:30 pm

    At the Noble Center:

    67396      Sa: 10/31-12/5      9-10:30 am

    Learn basic crochet stitches such as chain, single crochet, and double crochet and leave with an in-depth knowledge of crochet terms and helpful hints.  If you wish to do additional work outside of class you can create 7 X 9 inch rectangles to donate for a ‘Warm Up America’ afghan.  You will receive a supply list for this course upon registration.

    Age: 9+

    Fee-R/NR: $41/$47

    Cake Decorating for Beginners

    Code        Day-Date          Time

    67376      M: 9/21-10/19      6:30-9:00 pm

    In this beginner’s class you will improve your baking skills and learn recipes for great frosting.  Learn to decorate your own cakes with borders, flowers, leaves, side drapes, roses, cartoon designs, script writing and more!  And the best part: you take home your own finished cakes!  A supply list will be handed out at the first class.

    Location: Noble Center

    Age: 12+

    Fee-R/NR: $44/$52

    Advanced Cake Decorating

    Code                     Day-Date                       Time

    67399                  M: 11/2-11/23                   6:30-9:00 pm 

    If you enjoyed the first cake class, you’ll love this one, too.  Learn fancy flowers, fancy borders, string work, basket weave, fun theme cakes and much more!  No cake baking is necessary and you’ll use only one batch of frosting.  A supply list will be handed out at registration.

    Location: Lakeview Recreation Center

    Age: 12+

    Fee-R/NR: $35/$40

    Holiday Bows

    Think of all the times you wished you could make a bow! Now is your chance to learn. This class will teach you how to make bows for pews, holiday decorations, corsages, craft projects and more. Instructor will hand out diagrams for future projects. A supply list will be provided upon registration.

    Min/Max: 5/14 Fee-R/NR: $13/$18

    Code          Day-Date               Time                   Location

    67392     Sa: 10/10      9:30 am-12 pm      Noble Center

    67841      W: 11/11       6-8:30 pm        Noble Center

    67842      M: 11/30       6-8:30 pm                 FRC

    See details and register online for the classes below here.


    Staging Your Home

    Code            Day-Date       Time

    66853          Sa: 10/24        1-3:30 pm

    Whether you are looking to sell your home or create a better living space, this is the class for you!  A session with this Accredited Staging Professional Master will show you how to stage your home for both top dollar and for everyday living.  Learn the professional tips, tricks, and techniques that will make your home more organized and appealing.  Staged homes not only sell faster, they also make loving your home for the long haul easy!

    Location: Noble Center

    Age: 18+

    Min/Max: 5-15

    Fee-R/NR: $18/$23

    Magic I

    Led by professional magician Greg Joyce, you’ll learn how to perform a wide variety of magic with playing cards, money, rope, common items, mind-reading and special props made in class. Soon you’ll be amazing your friends and family! All supplies and an instruction handbook are included.

    Location: Noble Center

    Age: 8+

    Fee-R/NR: $34/$39

    Code                       Day-Date                           Time

    66871                   Sa: 11/14-12/5                   12:30-2:30 pm

    Basketball for Youth 

    Learn and practice the basic skills of basketball and play a game each class. Taught by an experienced youth basketball instructor, lessons emphasize individual skill development in dribbling, passing and cutting and confidence and teamwork in game play. Suitable for beginning and intermediate players. During games, players are matched by height and ability. Bring your own basketball for skill instruction and shooting practice. A limited number of basketballs will be available at class. * No class 11/11, 11/25

    Location: Kellar School

    Age: 8-12 Fee-R/NR: $39/$34

    Code                   Day-Date                           Time

    66885                   W:10/21-12/16*               6:20-8:00 pm

    Losing Weight Without Hunger

    Register here.

    Can you imagine losing 100 or more pounds without ever being hungry? It seems too good to be true, as most diets require constant hunger. In this class, learn how you can lose weight while being fully satiated. Modeled after the pioneering work of Dr. John McDougall, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, and Dr. Colin T. Campbell, this class will include some of the latest research in diet as well as cooking demonstrations with simple and nutritious recipes. Come and learn about the many positive effects of healthful eating while enjoying some delicious samples of foods that can transform your life.

    Location: RiverPlex

    Code      Day-Date                      Time                         Cost

    67930   Tu: 9/22-11/10             7-8 pm                       $100