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    3 on 3 League for Midgets and Adults

    Register your team of 6 players (5 players, 1 goalie) to compete in a 3 on 3 cross-ice league. Each team will play 12 games (2-11 minute running periods). Two games will be played each date you are scheduled to play.

    Specific scheduling is pending. Contact Zac Tortorella after March 1 for details: 309-686-3368. 

    Adult No-Check Hockey League

    This is a NO-CHECK league for anyone 18 or older. This league offers three divisions based on playing ability.

    Registration is closed for Fall/Winter League. 

    Tournament information:

    Owens Center AHL Tourney Calendar

    Tourney Rules 2015[1]

    2014 AHL Game Results Grid

    2015 Tourney Brackets Tier I – 10 Teams

    2015 Tourney Brackets Tier II – 4 Teams

    2015 Tourney Brackets Tier III – 5 Teams

    2015 Tourney Brackets Tier IV- 4 Teams

    AHL Standings 14-15

    Summer League registration begins in April with the league starting in June.


    Rat Hockey

    Play hockey to keep in shape. Call 309-686-3368 for scheduled times.


    40+ Adult Hockey League

    This hockey league is for anyone age 40 and above. Play is based on a combination of USA Hockey and Owens Center Adult Hockey League rules. Full rules may be found at http://www.peoriaparks.org/hockey-leagues. This is a NO CHECK and NO FIGHT league!

    The 40+ Adult Hockey League will consist of teams drafted by Owens Center playing a six (6) game schedule on Tuesday evenings at approximately 6:30p or 8:00p beginning March 24, 2015. Game times and dates may be subject to change. Each game is one (1) hour and fifteen (15) minutes in length with three (3) 23-minute running clock periods and 2-minute warm up between periods. All players are required to wear full equipment.

    Please note your previous hockey experience on the space allotted on this form to aid in the drafting of teams. Team rosters will not be accepted, however; if transportation or other reasons require you to be on the same team as another player every effort will be made to accommodate your request.

    Registration may be done in person or by mailing this form along with a check payable to Peoria Park District to: Owens Center, 1019 W. Lake Ave., Peoria, IL 61614. Waiver must be signed by an adult (18 years or older). Applications will not be accepted without full payment – NO EXCEPTIONS!

    • No Checking

    • No Fighting

    • Teams are drafted by Owens Center

    • Open to any player age 40 and above

    • Goalies maybe any age 18+

    • On ice official for all games

    • Three 23-minute periods (running time)

    • One (1) hour and fifteen (15) minutes of ice time per game

    • Six (6) game schedule

    Fees*-R / NR (by March 6, 2015): Skater $90 / $100; Goalie $75 / $80

    R / NR (after March 6, 2015)**: Skater $105 / $115; Goalie $85 / $95

    * There will be a $15 administrative fee charged for all refunds.

    ** Add $15 per player if registration not received at Owens Center by March 6, 2015.

    40+ AHL Registration Form Spring 2015