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  • Volunteer Department

    email: volunteers@peoriaparks.org

    Our Philosophy

    volunteers_bradleyAt the Peoria Park District we believe that volunteerism is one of the highest forms of recreation! The District has a variety of volunteer possibilities that can offer all segments of the community challenging and rewarding use of their leisure time. Volunteer participation in the Peoria Park District instills a sense of ownership and responsibility in the volunteer that leads to greater involvement and respect.



    Why Volunteer?

    • To continue learning and growing
    • To develop new interests and friendships
    • To share your time and talent with your community
    • To gain valuable job experience

    Who Can Volunteer?

    Volunteers must be 14 years of age to independently volunteer. Youth younger than age 14 may volunteer with a parent or legal guardian.

    Your Role As A Volunteer

    All volunteers are considered to be ambassadors for the Peoria Park District. As ambassadors, volunteers are expected to be courteous and helpful to guests, other volunteers, and staff. Being an ambassador also means that volunteers be enthusiastic and have a good time!

    Our Commitment & Yours

    The Peoria Park District attempts to give each volunteer a good experience. Efforts are made to have the appropriate number of volunteers for any event or project. This is best accomplished when all volunteers and groups communicate in advance their intent to volunteer. In many circumstances the events can use extra volunteers, and they are always welcomed. Nevertheless, in the event that numerous extra volunteers arrive, we cannot completely guarantee they will have a job. Every volunteer is considered important and is counted on to be at the event at the appropriate time and place. Volunteers are asked to call if they cannot attend as promised. Thank you for volunteering!

    What Volunteer Positions Are Available?

    We have a wide array of volunteer positions within the Peoria Park District, including ongoing Regular Volunteer opportunities, Special Event opportunities, and Volunteer Coaches.


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    Volunteer Vine

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