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    What’s Included in a RiverPlex Membership?

    RiverPlex track

    Membership Sales Hours


    Every new member receives:

    All RiverPlex Memberships Include:

    RiverPlex training groupMembers also receive reduced pricing on:

    Types of Memberships

    Whatever your needs are, know that all RiverPlex memberships are competitively priced and for the money, give you the most comprehensive fitness package in the area.


    AquaPlex Lazy River Class

    Initiation fee: $100
    Monthly payment: $50


    Initiation fee: $100
    Monthly payment: $76

    Senior Individual (age 62+)

    Initiation fee: $75
    Monthly payment: $34

    Senior Joint (age 62+)

    Initiation fee: $75
    Monthly payment: $67

    XR GamingFamily

    Initiation fee: $100
    Monthly fee for family of 3: $81
    Monthly fee for family of 4: $86
    Monthly fee for family of 5+: $91

    Five or more individuals from the same workplace can also qualify for a Corporate Partner Membership.

    Medical Membership

    Do you have a complicated medical history, or perhaps your doctor recommended you work out under supervision? OSF offers a specialized medical membership program at the RiverPlex during OSF hours. Find more information on our OSF page.

    Take a Tour and Meet With Our Staff

    You can read about the great amenities at the RiverPlex, but why not take a personal tour and see for yourself? Our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff will be happy to show you around the complex and talk about your particular goals and needs. Stop in or call (309) 691-1542.