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  • Park District Administrative Offices (Noble Center): 1125 W Lake Ave, Peoria, IL 61614
    For correspondence with the Board of Trustees contact the Board Secretary at 681-2801

    The president and six trustees of the board are elected and serve on a volunteer basis for a term of four years.

    Park Board meetings are generally held on the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month at 6:00 pm in the Noble Center. Meetings are open to the public. Agenda and meeting dates are posted here.


    Peoria Park District Mission Statement: To enrich life in our community through stewardship of the environment and through provision of quality recreation and leisure opportunities.


    Timothy J. Cassidy


    Term: 2015-2019
    Home Address: 3221 N. Bigelow Avenue, Peoria, IL 61604
    Home Phone: 309-685-1648
    Email: [email protected]ssidymueller.com

    Business: Cassidy & Mueller
    Address: 323 Commerce Bank Bldg., 416 Main, Peoria, IL 61602
    Phone: 309-676-0591



    Warren E. Rayford
    Vice President, Central District

    Warren Rayford

    Term: 2015-2019
    Home: 2647 N. Kingston Drive
    Peoria, IL 61604
    Phone: 309-682-5388
    [email protected]





    Joyce Harant
    Trustee, Central District

    Term: 2017-2019
    Home Address: 3914 N. Donna Lane,

    Peoria, IL 61615
    Phone: 309-648-3035
    Email: [email protected]

        Press Release Announcing Joyce Harant’s Appointment to the Peoria Park District Board of Trustees




    Robert L. Johnson Sr.
    Trustee, Southern District

    Robert L. JohnsonTerm: 2017-2021
    Home: 1522 S. Stanley Street
    Peoria, IL 61605
    Phone: 309-696-6859
    [email protected]




    Jacqueline J. Petty

    Trustee, Central District

    Jacqueline J. PettyTerm: 2015-2019
    Home: 3802 N. Molleck Drive
    Peoria, IL 61615
    Phone: 309-688-2323
    [email protected] (primary)
    [email protected] (alternate)




    Matthew P. Ryan
    Trustee, Northern District

    Matthew P. RyanTerm: 2017-2021
    Home: 1401  W. Buckingham
    Peoria, IL 61614
    Cell: 309-251-7116
    Business: 309-266-3210
    [email protected]




    Nancy L. Snowden
    Trustee, Northern District

    Nancy L. Snowden

    Term: 2017-2021
    Home: 9304 N. Picture Ridge Road
    Peoria, IL 61615
    [email protected]