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  • Emily G. Cahill

    Executive Director
    [email protected]
    (309) 681-2803

    News Release

    Brent Wheeler-2

    Brent Wheeler

    Deputy Director
    [email protected]
    (309) 681-2815

    Jan Budzynski-2
    Jan Budzynski

    Superintendent, Business Division
    [email protected]
    (309) 681-2807

    Sylvester Bush-2
    Sylvester Bush

    Chief of Police
    [email protected]
    (309) 681-2937

    Rebecca Fredrickson-2

    Rebecca Fredrickson

    Superintendent, Planning, Design and Construction Division
    [email protected]
    (309) 686-3386

    Matt Freeman-2
    Matt Freeman

    Superintendent, Parks Division
    [email protected]
    (309) 681-2901

    Shalesse Pie-2
    Shalesse Pie

    Superintendent, Human Resources Division
    [email protected]
    (309) 681-2821