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  • Our Youth Baseball Program:

    Questions? Please contact 688-3667 or [email protected]



    Upcoming Baseball Programs

    To find out all information about Peoria Park District Baseball, including days, dates, locations, times, fees and codes for registration, scroll to pages 69-70, 73 and 78 of our Playbook.

    Little Pint All Star Sports: (Ages 3-4)

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    This class will provide an introduction to athletics by covering a new sport each week. We use scaled down equipment and cover the basic rules and skills of basketball, football, baseball, floor hockey and soccer.

    Tee Ball (Ages 4-5)

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    This is a non-competitive introduction to baseball for boys and girls ages 4 to 5. The basics of batting, fielding, catching, throwing, running, and safety are stressed in drills and game situations. Players must bring a baseball glove. Participants will receive a shirt and cap. All Saturday practices and games will be held at Peoria Stadium. Saturday times will vary.


    Coach Pitch (Ages 6-8)

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    Coaches pitch to hitters in this league. All players (ages 6-8) must play a minimum of 3 innings on defense and play offense throughout the entire game. This league is fun, non-competitive and stresses the fundamentals. Includes t-shirt and cap.

    Seven-year-olds may choose between Coach Pitch A and AA based on the child’s ability. Seven year olds who are comfortable playing catch and consistently hit a pitched ball should sign up for AA.



    Minors & Majors (Ages 9-12)

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    MINORS – Must be 9 by 4/30: Players begin pitching. Each player will play at least half the game on defense and full game on offense. Shirt, cap and socks provided; white baseball pants suggested.
    MAJORS – Must be 11 by 4/30: Stealing is allowed. Players will play at least half the game on defense and full game on offense. Shirt, cap and socks provided; white baseball pants suggested.

    Pony Baseball (Ages 13-14)

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    Old Timers Pony Baseball

    The Peoria Park District and Old Timers Baseball Association invite all eligible 13 and 14 year olds to play in this league.
    Practices begin the week of April 18 as determined by each coach. Games are either played on weeknights or Saturday mornings.
    The league consists of teams from area communities, with an interleague home and away schedule. All players will bat and must play at least half of the game on defense.


    Increase Your Skills Clinics

    Find out more information about these clinics by scrolling to page 70 of the Playbook. To register, click HERE.

    Preseason Baseball Clinic ♦ Lakeview Recreation Center

    Get ready for the season with our preseason baseball clinic. You will work on all of the skills that will help you have a successful season. Will play outside when possible.

    Youth Baseball Morning Clinics ♦ Von Steuben School ♦ ages 9-12

    Come practice your game in this five week morning clinic. Put in the extra work to take your skills to the next level. You will get an opportunity to work on hitting, fielding, base running and pitching.

    Youth Boys Baseball Clinic ♦ Proctor Recreation Center ♦ ages 3-6

    Come for one week of fundamental baseball skills in a fun, supportive environment and learn about catching, fielding, batting, and the overall rules of the game. Sign up at Proctor Center today to prepare for the baseball season.

    Preseason Pitching/Catching Clinic ♦ Lakeview Recreation Center

    Hone your pitching and catching skills before the season begins. Learn the proper mechanics to increase pitch velocity and accuracy. Also learn the best techniques to block pitches and throw out base runners. All skill levels are welcome.