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  • Daylong Destination

    2218 North Prospect Road
    (Prospect Road and McClure Avenue)
    117 acres
    Get to Glen Oak Park by bus using CityLink route #12

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    Park Manager: Laurie Haas, 686-3374

    Glen Oak Park was designed by the legendary Landscape Architect Oscar F. DuBuis and dedicated in 1896. Glen Oak Park is the former home of the District’s Administrative and Recreation Offices. In February of 2014, these offices moved to the Noble Center in Lakeview Park to make way for remodel and construction of the Peoria PlayHouse Children’s Museum which opened in June of 2015. The addition of the Peoria PlayHouse Children’s Museum to Peoria ZooLuthy Botanical Garden, and Peoria Rotary Adventure Grove has made for an awesome Daylong Destination in Glen Oak Park. Bring your family to Glen Oak Park for a fun-filled day. There is so much more happening at Glen Oak Park, including:

    • Glen Oak Amphitheatre
    • Picnic areas
    • Baseball Diamond
    • Biking/Hiking Trail
    • Fishing at Glen Oak Lagoon
    • Fitness Area and Trail
    • Picnic Shelter
    • Tennis Courts
    • Tricentennial Playground and other smaller playgrounds







    Pweb climbeoria Rotary Adventure Grove was made possible through support of the Power of Play Campaign received from the Rotary Club of Peoria-Downtown and a gift from the Public Museum Capital Grants Program of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.  As a connection between Peoria Zoo and the planned Peoria PlayHouse Children’s Museum, Peoria Rotary Adventure Grove will provide hands-on, interactive opportunities for children to experience habitats and environments of local animals.

    Experience the ecosystem among the great oak trees in Glen Oak Park!  Winding paths made of permeable concrete connect larger-than-life-sized animal habitats, including a spider web, a hollow log and an eagle’s nest, as well as giant ants and bees.  Butterfly stands at each node display storybooks and other education opportunities for children and families to read, and suggestions on how they can interact within the grove.

    Featured within the area is a circular council ring that provides a place for visitors to sit and enjoy the beauty of the park.  This space will also allow for small presentations and programming opportunities, enhancing visitor experiences while teaching messages such as conservation and animal and plant care.

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    Glen Oak Park is proud to be a site along the Illinois River Road

    Located at: