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  • 3210 Grand View Drive
    180 acres

    Accessible from Prospect Road in Peoria Heights, near Tower Park or from Rt. 29, near the Rt. 150 interchange

    Manager: Mark Murphy, 686-3375

    Grandview-River-viewGrand View Drive is a 2.52 mile meandering pleasure driveway constructed in 1903. The “world’s most beautiful drive,” as President Theodore Roosevelt referred to it in a visit to Peoria in 1910, offers visitors numerous panoramic scenic views of the Illinois River Valley and the chance to view many historic and remarkable homes lining it. The drive is especially beautiful in autumn, with the ever-changing colors of fall leaves.

    Grand View Drive is the only linear park on the National Historic Register. It contains the following:

    • Scenic overlooks of the Illinois River Valley
    • Picnic benches
    • Ball diamond
    • Hiking trail access
    • Playground areas
    • Sand volleyball court
    • Picnic shelter


    Grand View Drive is proud to be a site along the Illinois River Road

    Located at: