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  • Volunteer For the Peoria Park District

    Volunteer Coordinator

    phone: 309-681-2827 

    email: [email protected]

    Why Volunteer With the Peoria Park District?

    We’re proud to be an award-winning park district, and our volunteers reflect that dedication. Volunteer with us and be part of the best!

      • The Peoria Park District is a well-known organization with an outstanding reputation for serving area residents.
      • Gain valuable experience.
      • Choose from options that include sports, environmental clean-ups, special events, special recreation, youth theatre, animal education, and more.
      • Be honored with Volunteer of the Year award and also volunteer recognition events.
      • Learn more about volunteering through our bi-monthly newsletter.
      • Meet new people and have FUN!


    The Peoria Park District is diverse and offers a variety of opportunities at numerous facilities, events, and programs.

    Ways our volunteers can contribute their time:

      • Help at Children’s Theatre movies, concerts, and performances as ticket takers, ushers, and crowd control.
      • Lend a hand at major community events.
      • Run crafts and games at holiday events such as Howl-Zoo-Ween, March Madness, and Calls from Santa.
      • Assist with senior programs at our community centers.
      • Coach youth sports including soccer, basketball, baseball, and more.
      • Help build costumes and sets with our youth theatre program.
      • Work with animals at the Peoria Zoo. Help organize and manage fitness events like the Turkey Trot.
      • And much, much more!

    Looking for something to do outside of the house? We have fun-filled opportunities for teens that will keep you coming back for more! Note: some teen volunteer opportunities are based on experience.

    Volunteering as a middle school or high school student allows you to:

    • Gain valuable experience for colleges and careers (looks great on a resume).
    • Work with your friends to help others.
    • Meet community organizations.
    • Enjoy a flexible time commitment.
    • Meet new people and have FUN!

    Volunteer as a Family:

    Do busy schedules keep you from spending quality time together as a family? We’re here to help!

    Benefit from volunteering with us as a family:

    • Instill community service values in your children.
    • Interact and grow together while helping others.
    • Choose from different activities for families of different types and sizes.
    • Meet great people along the way, and develop long lasting family relationships.

    Volunteer as an Organization:

    The Peoria Park District is looking for local business partners to join us in creating a better community. Help us make Peoria an even better place to live!

    Volunteering as a business or a student organization is rewarding in many ways:

      • Increases employee morale.
      • Allows different department to interact outside of work.
      • Builds a connection with the community.
      • Markets your company and organization.
      • Provides a sponsorship opportunities.
      • Portrays a positive business image to the community.
      • Allows interaction with the other registered student organizations.

    *Note: We do accept court-ordered community service volunteers upon approval.

    CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP or Click Here for Specific Regular Opportunities

    Getting involved as Peoria Park District volunteer is only a call (or click) away!

    Contact our Volunteer Coordinator at: [email protected] or 309-681-2827

    What Volunteer Positions Are Available?

    We have a wide array of volunteer positions within the Peoria Park District, including ongoing Regular Volunteer opportunities, Special Event opportunities, and Volunteer Coaches.

    Contact our Volunteer Coordinator at: [email protected] or 309-681-2827