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    After School Program - Ages 6-14

    Proctor Center is a safe place to stay when school gets out. Our structured programs include field trips, homework help, basketball, skating, computers, pool tables, ping pong and more! Van transportation available in select areas. Only offered during school year. Registration required – Please check with Proctor Center for start date.

    Activities are offered Mon-Fri at 2:30-5:45 pm and include the following:

    Homework Help: Mon-Fri at 3-5 pm

    Nutrition: Learn to follow easy recipes and explore the four basic food groups. Instructor and supplies provided by the University of Illinois Extension. Mon at 4 pm.

    Arts & Crafts: Get creative and make something special you can call your own! Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4-5:30 pm.

    Roller Skating: Come skate to your favorite music. Skate rental is free with membership. Mon-Fri at 3-4:30 pm and Saturdays at 12-3 pm.

    Open Gym Basketball: Bring a few friends and start up a game! Make sure to bring an extra pair of gym shoes. Mon-Fri at 2:30-5:45 pm and Saturdays at 12-3 pm.

    Drama Theatre: Have fun learning basic theatrical skills including role playing, and simple set designs. Thursdays at 4-6 pm.

    Computer Kids: Improve your computer skills, learn to type, engage in educational games and learn to use the internet in our  computer lab. Mon-Fri at 4-6 pm.

    Registration required. Cost: $30 per school year

    Sports (youth and adult)

    Proctor Center offers programs for a variety of sports. See the online Playbook and do a search on the sport in which you have interest.

    Young Men’s Basketball League (Students in Grades 9 & 10)

    Wednesdays, beginning December 13, 2017
    Form your own teams
    Cost is $20 per student and league is 6-8 weeks long
    Call 309-673-9183 for more information



    Adult Classes


    This Latin-inspired dance-fitness class combines fast and slow Latin rhythms that tone and sculpt the body in an aerobic/ fitness fashion. Dance movements are easy to follow steps which target areas such as the legs, arms, abdominals and heart. Please wear comfortable clothes and gym shoes. Instructor: Debracca Hangen

    Hip Hop Aerobics

    Come for a total body workout that can improve flexibility and balance while listening to the latest music and strengthening the back, abdominals, arms and legs.

    For more information about these and other adult classes, go to the online Playbook and do a search on your area of interest.