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  • 400 W. Mossville Road
    675 acres

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    This wild, undeveloped park was donated to the Peoria Park District in 1951 by L.E. and Erma Robinson in memory of their son Laurence, who loved to play and explore there as a child. Narrow, informal paths lace the site, along with a substantial segment of the better-developed Illinois River Bluff Trail. For the ecologically-oriented visitor, the most intriguing component of Robinson Park is its 151-acre nature preserve, which consists of glacial drift hill prairies, and oak woodlands along the ridges and valleys. The preserve sits on two long, narrow ridges and steep valley slopes drained by Moon Creek. Several small glacial drift hill prairies occur on the south-facing slopes.

    The following features are located within the park:

    • Hiking
    • Picnic Shelter
    • Open play areas
    • Restrooms
    • Conservation area
    • 2.5 miles of hiking trails


    Robinson Park is proud to be a site along the Illinois River Road

    Located at: