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  • Training Concepts

    Integrated Performance Profile
    Baseline information that assists in determining how to most efficiently help athletes achieve their performance goals. This is a combination of Corrective Exercise, Functional Movement Screening, and Kinetic Chain Assessment Testing; combined with general fitness testing as it pertains to an athlete’s particular sport and/or goals (vertical jump, squat, 40y dash, etc.)


    Integrated Flexibility Training
    Correct muscle imbalances, increase joint range of motion, decrease muscle soreness, decrease muscle hypertonicity, relieve joint stress, improve extensibility of musculotendinous junction, and maintain normal function length.


    Core Stabilization Training
    All movement is initiated from and transferred through the core, and those movements may only be as forceful as the core is strong.


    Reactive Neuromuscular Training (Plyometric/Power)
    This is necessary for utilizing the stretch-shortening-cycle, improving neuromuscular efficiency, increasing rate of force production, and reducing neuromuscular inhibition.


    Integrated Speed, Agility, and Quickness Training
    Must improve all aspects of “playing speed” specific to activity.  The fastest, quickest, most agile player usually wins.


    Energy System Development
    Developing sport specific stamina and endurance.  The physiological system must be developed specifically for the sport/position. This will not be done through long distance runs or boring repetitive drills. We will utilize research and physiologically supported means of training that will result in the necessary adaptations physiologically and mentally through team building and competitive drills.


    Integrated Strength Training
    Systematic, integrated, functional training that improves bio motor abilities, high levels of functional strength, neuromuscular efficiency, and dynamic flexibility.  We use multi-joint movements that are ground based as often as possible. We are not training to create Olympic weightlifters; we are training to achieve the sport specific qualities needed for success.


    Performance and Recovery Nutrition Training
    Taking in the proper nutrition at the proper time for optimal performance and recovery from training or competition. Our athletes are put through a nutritional analysis and strongly educated on proper nutrition.


    Recovery and Regeneration Training
    Methods necessary for speeding recovery from training or competition.  We utilize cutting-edge but easily implementable tools for speeding recovery and improving performance.