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  • Current Training Programs

    FALL Performance Training flyer

    – Workouts will be purchased on a punch card to allow for flexibility around academics and sport training schedules.

    – Training will vary depending on in-season, out of season, sport specificity, and training experience.

    Program Includes:

    • Assessments and Corrective Exercise
    • Strength Training
    • Power / Plyometrics
    • Rate of Force Development
    • Speed / Acceleration / Change of Direction
    • Balance / Coordination / Reaction Time
    • Energy System Development
    • Fitness / Endurance / Conditioning
    • Integrated Nutrition and Sport Psychology Education / Take-Home Packet

    Quarter I: August 21 – October 15

    Quarter II: October 16 – December 10

    Quarter III: December 11 – February 11    *excludes Holiday week

    Quarter IV: February 12 – April 8

    Finals: April 9 – June 3


    *** Purchase 1 Semester up front and receive $50 off your total

    • 1 semester = 2 Unlimited or Unlimited Plus packages
    • Unlimited packages can be upgraded to Unlimited Plus at any time prior to the last month of your package.

    *** Accountability Discount

    • Refer a friend and receive $25 off your next purchase, a RiverPlex Sports Performance T-Shirt, or a free individual training session.

    *** Team Discount

    • Register with 3+ members from the same team and all athletes will receive $25 off their package purchase.
      • Discount limited to Unlimited or Unlimited Plus packages only.

    Training Packages

    We have multiple training options depending on your goals. Whether you are looking for private individual training, small group training, or team training we have customized options for every sport, athlete, and skill level.


    One-On-One Training

    Our most individualized and customized training available. You’ll have your own Performance Coach who will design and implement a personalized program based on your individual needs and goals!

    Member (M)   Non-Member (NM)

    Sessions      Individual              2 People

    1                 $35M / 45NM          $25M / 35NM

    3                 $99M / 120NM        $70M / 95NM

    5                 $150M / 200NM      $110M / 155NM

    10               $275M / 325NM      $200M / 250NM

    20               $500M / 550NM      $350M / 400NM

    Small Group / Team Training

    Take advantage of the accountability and motivation that comes when training with others. This team training environment will remain individualized, but will also be able to utilize additional types of training, equipment, and competitive sport-specific drills.

    Sessions     Group of 3            Group of 4                 5+ People

    1                 $30M / 35NM         $25M / 30NM            $20M / 25NM

    5                 $85M / 95NM         $70M / 80NM            $65M / 75NM

    10               $155M / 175NM     $130M / 150NM        $120M / 140NM

    12               $180M / 200NM     $150M / 170NM        $135M / 155NM

    Full Team/School Training

    RiverPlex Sports Performance staff will come to your home gym, field, court, weight room, etc., working with you in your own facilities. Cost varies based on distance, number of participants, and what is all included in your training. This could be all inclusive, or just for specific areas (speed, strength, team cohesion days, etc.) Please contact Justin at 282-1506 for pricing and more details.

    What’s Included

    All of our Sports Performance Training programs include the following:
    • Pre/Post Testing and Evaluations
    • Assessments and Corrective Exercise
    • Strength Training
    • Power/Plyometrics/Rate of Force Development
    • Speed/Acceleration/Change of Direction
    • Balance/Coordination/Reaction Time
    • Energy System Development
    • Integrated Nutrition and Sport Psychology

    The above general fundamentals are required at different levels for any sport. These will all be specialized based upon your sport-specific and individual needs.

    Typical Workout Routine

    Our workouts and programs are customized to each athlete or individual based upon their physical and mental needs and goals. Individual emphasis in certain areas, exercises chosen, and the plan to success will change, but a typical workout will contain the following:


    – General exercises promoting blood flow

    – Trigger point therapy, foam rolling, general flexibility

    General and Specific Corrective Exercise and Neuromuscular Activation

    – Prepare your mind and body for the workout

    – Correct muscle imbalances and movement patterns that could lead to potential injury

    Dynamic Warm-Up

    – Specific warm-up drills designed to activate key muscle groups and loosen stiff joints

    – Increase flexibility, decrease soreness, and increase neuromuscular rate

    Speed and Change of Direction

    – Focus will vary each day according to the plan that will best help you reach your optimal potential and decrease the chances for injury

    – Linear Running Mechanics – Linear Deceleration – Linear Acceleration – Linear Top End Speed – Linear Sport Specific Speed

    – Lateral Running Mechanics – Lateral Deceleration – Lateral Acceleration – Reactive Change of Direction – Sport Specific Change of Direction

    Plyometrics and Power

    – Utilizing stretch-shortening cycle, improving neuromuscular efficiency, increasing rate of force production, and reducing neuromuscular inhibition

    – Landing Mechanics – Double Leg Power – Single Leg Power – Rate of Force Development – Sport Specific Power

    Strength and Power

    – Resistance training exercises focusing on maximizing motor unit recruitment to promote optimal strength and power gains

    – We are not training to create Olympic weightlifters, we are training to achieve the sport-specific qualities necessary for success

    Team Competition and Energy System Development

    – Competitions will vary based upon individual, group, or team training

    – Developing sport-specific stamina and endurance utilizing research and physiologically supported means of training that will result in the necessary adaptations physiologically and mentally through team building and competitive drills

    Recover and Cool-Down

    – Static Mobility, trigger point therapy, foam rolling