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  • For questions about our wellness classes, contact:
    Billie McKenzie, Coordinator of Leisure Services
    (309) 681-2854 [email protected]

    Tai Chi Classes













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    Tai Ji in the City 

    Code            Day-Date               Time

    72264           M: 6/6-8/1             6:30-7:30 pm

    Experience a “Moving Meditation” in beginning Tai Ji. We will learn steps and movements that lead to an enhanced immune system, improved circulation and flexibility, all while improving balance and a general sense of well being.
    Location: Hult Center for Health Education

    Age: 16+ Fee-R/NR: $30/$35

    Couples Massage 

    Code            Day-Date                Time

    52413           Sa: 5/14                 9-11 am

    72380           Sa: 7/23                 9-11 am

    72381           Sa: 8/6                   9-11 am

    Would you like to add a little extra to your relationship? How about learning the art of a relaxing massage? Our licensed massage therapist will teach you and your partner techniques to relieve stress, and sooth sore muscles.  These will also help you connect with your significant other.  A wonderfully rewarding time for anyone attending!

    Price is per couple.

    Location: KP Chiropractic Age: 18+

    Fee-R/NR: $26/$33