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  • Why We Do What We Do…

    All of the above be it physical or mental are skills, meaning that they can and must be developed through habitual practice. When these things are developed and incorporated into every activity in training and life we can mentally train to be optimally successful.

    From the second you wake up and make your coffee, get better. Make it just a little better than the day before, and the next day even better. Walk to class earlier so you can get a better seat. Take notes better than you ever have before, and the next class take even better ones. Be the first one to the door so you can open it for the person behind you and smile and greet them better than you did the previous time. Plan your meals ahead of time better so you can be optimally successful for each one.

    Every training week, training session, exercise, set, rep, rest period, get better.

    All of this will translate to optimal performance. When there are two minutes left in the game, the match point, or whatever the case may be, we have trained our brains to be focused and disciplined whatever the circumstance. We have done so harder and more diligently than any competitor we face. We will sprint out and stare our competitor in the face no matter how tired our body actually is, we mentally can overcome it and our tempo will not be affected. We can lock in and focus on every tiny detail of what needs to be done, and we will execute without even having to think twice.

    When these skills are practiced, they become second nature, and optimal athletic success is achieved.